Media Kit

Individual components of our media kit include:

Product Guide (PDF)

ProductGuide 2015


Press Releases (PDF)

DuckyWorld Cross-promoting
DuckyWorld Green 2010
DuckyWorld Halloween 2010
DuckyWorld Hearrrt
DuckyWorld Holiday 2010
DuckyWorld Recycles 2010
DuckyWorld Small Rack 2010
DuckyWorld Stinkies
DuckyWorld Tubs 2010
DuckyWorld My Cats Balls
DuckyWorld Number Two Best Seller – Pet Age
New Yeowww! Inline Merchandising Package
New Banana Bunch POP
Introducing the Cigar Three Pack Tin

Product Photos

Download the all product photos here.



Download video (MP4).

Download video (MP4).

This media kit is updated with the latest information including press releases, product guides, photos of products, logos, and various other media that encompasses Yeowww! For more information, feel free to contact us.