2011 Retailers’ Top Pick Pet Product News Intl. – 2nd Place



MINNEAPOLIS – August 2011 – Every year Pet Product News International names the retailers’ top choice. For 2011, Yeowww!’s “The Smaller Version of Our Other Rack”, made by DuckyWorld Products Inc., was chosen as the second place winner.

The secret to the racks’ high visibility—and profitability—is twofold, explains Duck.

This outstanding design comfortably fits a supply of 12-14 YEOWWW!® catnip toys, so you can feature your entire YEOWWW!® lineup in one place without rearranging your store. The wood racks assemble in 10 minutes with single screwdriver.

“This is a terrific way for even small pet retailers to establish an instant catnip department, especially with our new display on a smaller footprint,” Duck notes. “And,” he adds with a Cheshire Cat grin, “it gives us an opportunity to make cheap jokes about big and small racks.”