Back in the saddle?

Okay, so starting the blog last December didn’t stick. But when you fail try, try, try again. So we’re doing just that! Let’s get rack back in the saddle and see if we can stick with it this time. But having you, the reader, is a crucial part in keeping our momentum with this blog. To try and encourage discussion we’ve added the Disqus comment system to the blog – a web standard system that helps keep the site neat, clean, and above all: fun! So we’re here to encourage you to join in on the fun.

Perhaps it’s best to open up with a question: We have started shipping out our brand new Cigar Three Pack Tins to stores – have you gotten yours yet? What do you think? Or if you haven’t gotten one yet but are interested now is your chance! You can find a store near you. Who loves the Cigar Three Pack Tin?