Halloween and Winter Holidays

Another day, another blog post!

I’ll tell you, here at DuckyWorld, we are in the middle of the storm that is the “holiday season”. Actually we’ve been working on things for the holiday season since the middle of Summer! Getting toys

Winter and Dublin playing with their Pumpkin. Photo courtesy Brown County Humane Society.

made, building advertisements, designing new labels for our Holiday Gift Bundles – a lot goes into it. Though now we’re in the process of shipping out tons of holiday product and displays to stores. It might be October and prime Halloween time, but we’re almost done with the winter holidays of 2013 over here. Though we still are pumped for Halloween, as I’m sure you all are. That spooky day is almost here and our cats are still going nuts with their Yeowww!-loween Pumpkins and Catspurrr toys!

What about you? What are you doing with your furry feline friend for Halloween, or even holidays beyond?