Winter time!

WOW! Winter came and hit us here in the midwest fast and hard! From nothing to just covered in snow. Certainly caught me by surprise! Though I am pretty happy that we’ll be having a white holiday season. It’s always a drag when it’s just cold with no snow. Ruins the whole mood, you know?

Well, it might be frigid and snowy here, but luckily there are ways to pass the winter holiday spirit on to others – especially cats! Not to try and hard sell you here on the blog, but it would be an injustice not to bring up our Candy Canes, Holiday Bundles, and all that fun stuff. Just like the holidays those toys are only around this time of year so if your or a friend’s kitty can’t get enough of the Kris Krinkle, Candy Cane, or Dreidel Krinkle then now is your chance.

But hey, if you’re in a cold place this season be sure to stay warm. And if you live somewhere warm have fun and know that some people are jealous of you.