The Rack

It may be smaller, but don’t let the size fool ya… This display packs a profit punch! This is a complete cat toy section using only 1.5 sq. ft. of floor space. Your customers will be drawn to the bright quirky designs and pungent aroma of our premium catnip. A veritable cat section in one rack.

OK, sure; of course DuckyWorld loves our rack. But we aren’t the only ones taking note. We are very proud to say that The Rack has won the 2010 Pet Product News Editor’s Choice Award for best new product. Now that’s cool!

The secret to the racks’ high visibility—and profitability—is twofold.

This outstanding design comfortably fits a supply of 12-14 YEOWWW!® catnip toys, so you can feature your entire YEOWWW!® lineup in one place without rearranging your store. The wood racks assemble in 10 minutes with a single screwdriver.

“This is a terrific way for even small pet retailers to establish an instant catnip department, especially with our new display on a smaller footprint,” Duck notes. “And,” he adds with a Cheshire Cat grin, “it gives us an opportunity to make cheap jokes about big and small racks.”


6 Tin Of Stinkies

6 Catnip Bags – 1 oz.

5 My Cats Balls

6 Rainbow

18 Cigar singles

18 Chi-CAT-a Banana

9 Apple

9 Sour Pusss! Lemon

6 Pollock Fish

6 Green Fish

6 Yellow Fish

1 Fish Bowl w/51 Stinkies

Overall Rack Dimensions: 16”L x 24”W x 70”H

UPC 8 12402 00040 9

And if you already have a rack, we have a convenient Reloader package to help restock and punch it up, good as new.