Hearrrt Attack Social Media Toolkit

If you’re looking for ways to promote Yeowww! Catnip Hearrrt Attack toys this Valentine’s Day (or all year around) we’ve got a few materials to help. Simply right click the images to download and post to your own page, or grab the entire toolkit from our Dropbox folder.

Copy and post ideas:

“Happy Kitty” may be one of the quotes printed on these red, fuzzy toys, but it is also the expression written all over a cat’s face after they get their paws on a Yeowww!® Hearrrt Attack. These heart-shaped toys are bursting with attitude, come in three fun designs and are completely stuffed with over 1 oz. of Yeowww! Organically Grown Catnip.


Bursting with attitude and completely stuffed full of organically grown YEOWWW! catnip, it’s no wonder this 4” heart is an attack waiting to happen! Available in 3 different beautifully embroidered sayings. They are not just for Feb. 14th anymore; have a heart year-round.


All Yeowww! Catnip Toys are made with durable cotton twill, colored with permanent vegetable-based dyes, and are 100% filled with Yeowww! Organically Grown Catnip. Made in the USA!