From GottaLoveBooks

Despite all of the glowing reviews I really didn’t expect this to work for my cats. I was completely wrong.

I have two very large cats: one about 20lb and the other 15lb. Both were strays that somehow made their way into my home without me realizing it. Because they both grew up a little feral, they usually aren’t interested in traditional cat toys. They will sometimes show interest in ‘realistic’ toys, but otherwise are more content to destroy household objects like earphones and electrical cords.

However, the second I unwrapped this toy (minimal packaging – just a ziploc, which I prefer), they went nuts. They played with this for hours and even the 20lb cat was able to kick at this. Even after all of that abuse, the banana didn’t fall apart. It has a few bite marks, but no catnip is falling out. The first one I purchased seemed to lose its allure after about a month, so I put it in a ziploc bag with some catnip to infuse it again. That seemed to do the trick and they were very interested again. Vets recommend cycling toys anyway since cats will get bored.

I’ve also purchased other products from this brand and have been similarly impressed. My boys have also really liked and it helps them get a bit more exercise.